About Alyssa

I'm a lifelong entrepreneur and maker, but I began my professional career in at Gap, Inc. Upon completion of the Retail Management Program, I spent five years in Inventory Management where I learned about running businesses on a large scale, project management, working on teams with many different personality types, giving effective presentations, and navigating the corporate environment. I moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2012 and changed my focus to something I've always been passionate about: food. I started a food, DIY and travel blog with a friend (Alyssa & Carla), taught cooking classes, and did small-scale catering. I also hosted meals in our home through a company called Kitchhike, and was featured in several publications, including Huffington Post Japan and a popular women's magazine called "Classy." Additionally, I started to manage the digital and social media marketing for a small chain of specialty food stores, where I learned how vastly different small businesses are from major corporations, how to implement a social media growth strategy, and how to tailor content for a specific audience. Upon returning to the US, I have continued to freelance in social media management and custom content creation. It's my passion, because allows me to merge my business knowledge, obsession with social media, and creative experience from blogging into a dynamic career. I love to help companies that I'm excited about grow their brand awareness, reach new customers, and have a strong social media presence.